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FF X4 Brushless Electronic Supercharger Information

The X4 Electronic controlled brushless electric supercharger is the first of its kind in the world.

Working on the same principle as any forced induction system , to ram mass amounts of air into the vehicles air intake system. This mass of airflow is measured safely by your vehicles air metering system, the ECU responds accordingly with the correct amount of fuel to match the airflow with the optimum air/fuel ratio.

Increase of air + fuel = increased power output

In most cases, this system is a bolt on application requiring no modifications or extra parts to your vehicle. By far, the best way to get HP gains with going to the extreme of fitting expensive turbo or belt driven supercharger systems.

  • High power custom brushless motor spins at 43000 rpm, 60% faster than any other system available.
  • Draws 60 amps intermittently from your battery, easily catered for by any vehicles electrical system.
  • Brushless motor means no maintenance, longer life and extended running times.
  • Free spinning impellor causes atomizing of air to create cleaner combustion and better fuel economy.
  • Completely safe for use with LPG.
  • Adapts to any engine, petrol, diesel or duel fuel, 4, 6 or 8 cylinder.
  • Up to 12% HP gain in overall power output and torque.
  • Perfect application for vehicles requiring extra torque and acceleration response, especially in the bottom to mid range.
  • Quality parts and construction. Developed and built by Force Flow in Australia.
  • Sold as full kit with all parts needed for easy installation, instructions included.
  • 1 year warranty

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