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FF Electric Supercharger Overview

There is no complicated science involved, it’s a simple matter of getting fresh cool air into your engine at a faster rate than it could naturally breathe. The faster you can make the air delivery to your engine, the better it will perform.

All vehicles have a stock air induction system. These however are mostly poorly designed and situated and are restrictive to what your engine is capable of breathing, your engine can only induce what air it is fed. The result of this poor induction system is poor performance. The good news is, every stock engine has the capability to perform much better with some simple intake modifications to “ram” air into the intake system.

The Force Flow Electric Intake Supercharger works as an axial flow compressor which sucks air into the intake a rate much faster than your engine could do on its own. The Force Flow electric supercharger systems have a super powerful custom electric motor that draws power from the vehicles battery to drive an impellor built into a 4.0 inch aluminium housing. The impellor spins at 27000 rpm (4.0) or 43000 rpm (X4) to draw in air at more than 800 CFM (cubic feet per minute), it is the difference in air flow that your vehicle could naturally breathe to what is pumped in by the Force Flow system that determines the boost in pressure in your intake. This extra air is measured by your vehicles air flow metering system or air pressure sensor which is read by the vehicles ECU (engine control unit) which in turn injects more fuel into the cylinders. This extra air/fuel mixture is what gives the engine its extra power.

As an example, a 2.0 litre engine naturally draws about 200 CFM, the difference of over 800 CFM (4.0) creates approximately 2.0 psi (pounds per square inch) of pressure boost. This results in approximately 7% gain in overall power output, kilowatts or horsepower.

This 7% gain in overall power output however is not a true representation of the acceleration gains that are seen with the Force Flow Electric Intake Supercharger installed. Unlike a belt driven supercharger or exhaust driven turbo, the Force Flow electric supercharger goes from 0 to 27000 rpm in 0.2 of a second (4.0) or 0 - 43000 rpm in 1.1 second (X4). What does this mean for performance? A traditional supercharger or belt driven supercharger is driven directly by means of your engine and the speed of the turbine is determined by the engines speed. So at low revs, the turbine is ineffective, not until the engine reaches 3500-4000 rpm does the turbine have enough speed to become effective. From that point there will be a massive boost in pressure and airflow and a big acceleration gain. The Force Flow Electric Intake Supercharger does not rely on the engines speed to be effective, therefore it is most effective from low revs. At low revs your engine is only drawing in a very small amount of air. Now imagine being at idle waiting to take off, as you plant your foot, the electric supercharger is armed and now blowing in air at full force into your vehicles intake. How much quicker will you accelerate from idle?

The Force Flow Electric Intake Supercharger is by far the most power gaining modification you can get for this money. Below is a chart of different modifications you could spend your money on for your vehicle and approximate power gains.

Headers/Extractors $600-$1000 + Labour 3-5%
Cat Back Exhaust System $800 - $1500 5%
Cams $1500+ 3-5%
Cold Air Intake Systems $300-$500 2-4%
Performance Chip $350+ 2-5%
Turbocharger $5000+ 25%+
Supercharger $3000+ 20%+
ForceFlow $350-$550 4-10%

Force Flow do not claim that the Electric Intake Supercharger will produce results comparable with that of a traditional supercharger or turbocharger, if you are looking for a 25% gain in power output, you will need to spend the $3000 - $8000 on supercharger or turbo modifications. Results will always vary depending on the vehicle make, engine size, installation method and many other factors. However, generally results will be between 4% - 10% gain in overall power output and not to mention the extra acceleration gains.

The Force Flow Electric Intake Supercharger comes with detailed instructions and it is easily installed by anybody with basic mechanical knowledge. Force Flow technicians will guide you through the installation process and help you if you are to get stuck or feel you may have installed it incorrectly or if you feel you could get better results, we are always more than happy to assist in any we can. Force Flow also has a list of installers throughout Australia and New Zealand that can install your unit professionally for those who may not be confident installing themselves.

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